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The Frankfurt CargoHub is the first choice for cargo in Europe. Located in the heart of the continent, the CargoHub facilitates global goods flows – from Frankfurt to around the world, and from around the world to Frankfurt.

By working together with the on-site cargo community, Fraport AG offers a full-service portfolio for handling all kinds of freight and sees itself as an ‘enabler’. By adapting the site to meet the needs of customers and companies that are based there, the ambition is to create spaces for their business and to facilitate joint growth. The aim is to set global standards for the digitized, integrated, efficient, and sustainable handling of air cargo.

Strategic Further Development

Initiatives for the CargoHub of the future

Frankfurt Airport wants to continue to offer its partners and customers with ideal conditions – including a high level of connectivity, modern infrastructure, and efficient processes.  

That’s why the Frankfurt cargo location is being thoughtfully developed in partnership with the entire cargo community. Over the coming years, Fraport AG will invest extensively into three key initiatives: Space optimization, space development, and digitization & process innovation.    

Fraport uses existing spaces consistently and applies smart thinking when redesigning them. For example, additional air cargo spaces with direct access to the apron are being developed at CargoCity South, along with storage spaces for ground handling and special services. This is boosting the hub’s performance.

The vision is for a new LogisticsHub West that draws on sustainable, digitized, and smart infrastructure to gradually emerge on the former Ticona site. The development of existing spaces will support the growth of cargo volumes and will expand handling capacities in relation to the air cargo business. 

Innovative digital solutions are being used to continuously optimize landside and airside processes along the entire value chain. This boosts efficiency and facilitates straightforward, seamless, and transparent logistics operations. Fraport determines needs in working groups with the cargo community.  

White Paper: Global Air Cargo at the Frankfurt CargoHub

Learn how Frankfurt Airport, Europe’s leading air cargo hub, is supporting global supply chains and is responding to increasing demands for speed and flexibility in logistics.

Our white paper sheds light on the challenges and opportunities in the aviation industry. It shows how Fraport AG is reacting to the changes with its CargoHub masterplan and is helping to actively shape the future of global air cargo.

Location Advantages

Location Advantages At a Glance

The Frankfurt CargoHub is embedded into one of Europe’s economically strongest metropolitan areas.

Frankfurt Airport handles more cargo annually than any other European cargo hub. And the outstanding connectivity and infrastructure make Frankfurt Airport a unique hub for the rapid, secure, reliable, and flexible handling of all types of cargo.    

Unique Connections

More than 120 cargo and passenger airlines connect Frankfurt with more than 320 destinations in 100 countries (2023). The airport also has a direct connection to Europe’s busiest highway interchange and can be reached by truck from all major European economic centers in a maximum of 18 hours. This makes Frankfurt Airport the aviation hub with the best “Total Hub Connectivity” in Europe (ACI 2023).


At Frankfurt Airport, customers have access to: Europe’s biggest center for perishable goods andthe most modern animal station in the world. Moreover, a range of warehouses for storage of dangerous and valuable goods, and temperature-controlled spaces for the handling of items including pharmaceuticals are available at FRA. Fraport AG’s standardized e-commerce process helps to ensure rapid and straightforward handling. It also facilitates the operation of e-commerce terminals. The on-site, around-the-clock availability of customs and other relevant government agencies such as veterinarians, the Plant Protection Service and the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food also helps to ensure the best possible service and reduced travel times.


Fraport offers numerous services to make landside and airside processes as efficient as possible – from IT services to truck pre-check-in, to our Cargo Community System. The Frankfurt CargoHub uses this platform to connect everyone involved in the cargo process. Digital systems are available to make the handling of customs, security, dangerous goods, consolidation, and supply chain management processes more efficient and more transparent.

Our Location in Numbers

Frankfurt Airport is a value driver – for the region, Germany, and the world economy as a whole.

1931296 metric tons Cargo volumes in 2023
100 billion euros Value of goods handled at FRA
4 billion euros Economic output from cargo operations
250 Cargo companies present



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Dana Selin Kröll

Communications Manager - Cargo and Ground Handling

d.kroell@fraport.de +49 69 690 - 31403

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Shipping companies, airlines, cargo handlers, and Fraport have teamed up in this association to boost the competitiveness of the Frankfurt CargoHub - with the aim of benefiting everyone.


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